Regular Manicure – $12

1. For the nail treatment, our nail technician will remove any old nail polish you may have on your nails, or any remnants from a previous coating. This ensures your nails are back to their natural color, and any dirt is removed.

2. A small amount of cuticle cream will then be applied to the base of your nail (where the nail meets the skin of your finger) and rubbed in.

3. A bowl of hot water should have been prepared before you began and you’ll now need to place your hands in to soak for approximately 10 minutes.

4. While one hand is soaking, the beautician will usually begin working on the cuticles of the other hand; an orange stick is used to push the cuticles back and separate them from the nail, so any old skin can then be cut away.

5. Special nail clippers will be used to cut away the softened cuticles, and the technician will be careful not to snip any skin that shouldn’t be removed (this is often the mistake most people make when doing home manicures – they snip away too much cuticle and are left with sore, red nail beds).

6. As part of the nail treatment your nail technician will use an emery board, they will file your nails using a gentle stroke and begin to shape them. You’ll often be asked if you prefer oval or square shaped nails, so choose depending on what shape is most suited to your own nail bed shape.

7. Once you have perfectly shaped nails, you’ll usually be given a short hand massage to help circulate the blood and leave your hands smooth and moisturized (no more flaky, dry skin!).

8. Apply nail polish.

9. Alternatively you could opt for a French manicure, which cost more but it gives a great natural look.